Our Top Five General Adhesives Perfect For Any Building Site

Our Top Five General Adhesives Perfect For Any Building Site

Our Top Five General Adhesives Perfect For Any Building Site

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  • February 8, 2018
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General adhesives are among the most important resources on any building site. They can be used to seal, to stick and to fill in gaps where surfaces are uneven and difficult to bond and as an alternative to nails. The best general adhesives are multipurpose and may be used on a wide variety of common building materials such as brick, timber, glass, concrete, plastic and metals.

They may also have water resistant properties, be non corrosive and weather resistant. This makes them ideal for all sorts of building projects. Choosing the right general adhesives for your building or maintenance work is vital to the overall result.

If you are looking for a solution to create an elastic bond, you will need something quite different to a hardening adhesive. Similarly, if you are looking for a sealant adhesive that will be visible, you should look for the right colour as well as resistance to UV light, mould and bacteria which may change the colour.

This is especially important in exposed areas or places where damp occurs such as bathroom interiors or garages. Though there are lots of different general adhesives on the market, and plenty of more specific products too, there are 5 worth mentioning that are perfect for any building site. Each one has its own set of benefits and may be used in many different ways to make your building work much easier.

Whether you are looking for an adhesive for indoor work or outdoor, visible or invisible, elastic or hard, vibration resistant, suitable for porous or non porous surface, suitable for damp surfaces or just easy to use, this list contains the perfect general adhesives for you.

Everbuild Pinkgrip

With a cartridge gun application, PinkGrip is an ideal solution for any building site – if you’ve got something that needs sticking, PinkGrip will stick it. It will bond with virtually any building material or surface. You won’t even need pins under the workpiece with its excellent strength. You don’t even need to worry about slumping, plus you can use it to bond horizontally and vertically with equally excellent effect. Everbuild will work on both porous and non-porous surfaces and, as it is water resistant, may be used indoors or outdoors with equally effective results. You can use PinkGrip for a variety of applications including gap-filling. This means that PinkGrip is perfect for sticking to uneven surfaces as well as flush fittings.

The good nip-off function means that you won’t need to worry about annoying stringing once you are done. You get a clean finish every time.

Some of the most common uses for PinkGrip are parquet and cork flooring; fixing wall cladding directly to internal wall surfaces or timber battens; bonding carpet gripper systems without nails; bonding stair nosing to concrete or wooden stairs; fixing polyester, wood, PVCu or metal thresholds; fixing nameplates, plastic boxes, decorative frames, wall sockets and junction boxes to most surfaces; and securing aluminium or other skin panels.

Sold in its famous Pink colour, PinkGrip is a distinctive choice that stands out for easy product recognition. Everbuild has been formulated for the professional user and you can buy individually.

Box quantity 12 at 350ml size comes with a handful of nozzles for easy application.

Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power

Based on ms polymers, Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power is ideal for the elastic bonding of a wide variety of materials. As it holds a high initial tack, which can contain up to 400kg/m2, it is ideal for bonding objects, panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common building materials such as woods, plastics including PVC and polystyrene, and metals including various types of steel and brass.

Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power is available in white and may be painted over using any water-based paint; it is the perfect solution for any fixing that will remain on show once complete as you will be able to exactly colour-match your paint to hide the join. But before you paint over it, do remember to do a spot test in an unobtrusive area to check the suitability of the paint. If you choose not to paint over it, the colour will remain stable and won’t be affected by weather or UV light.

With the easy-to-use nozzle, and fast curing action, Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power is a p solution to many problems. The triangular shape of the nozzle makes it workable, easy to direct and simple to angle correctly for a smooth, satisfying finish. There is no odour, and Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power does not contain isocyanates, solvents, halogens or acids, making it safe to use at home.

Box Quantity 12 at 290ml size comes with a handful of nozzles for easy application.

Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant

Based on hybrid polymers, Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant combines all the advantages of mounting glue, PU glue, wood glue, silicone and sanitary silicone glue, acrylic and butyl rubber cement – that’s a lot for one adhesive! It also hardens quickly, and with so many uses, it is a truly unique adhesive power in a crowded marketplace.

As it has so many applications, Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant an ideal solution for many hi-tech problems including assembly and sealant work, especially on difficult surfaces or in moist or damp areas. As a result, this particular product is good for work in garages, building, construction, air conditioning and sanitary works too.

Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant is UV-resistant, mould and bacteria resistant and due to the fact that it hardens without shrinking, it remains flexible and is also vibration-resistant. This is ideal for works where some movement is inevitable such as wooden furniture and air conditioning units. It is also used for ferrous and non-ferrous frameworks; glueing synthetic plate and insulation in refrigeration cells; and glueing wood, metal tabletops, lacquer work and polyester.

Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant is available in White, Black, Grey, Brown and Clear to blend seamlessly with your materials. Box Quantity 12 at 290ml size comes with a handful of nozzles for easy application.

Bond It PU18

Suitable for uses in the construction and transport industries with engineering, construction, automotive and marine applications, Bond It PU18 is a moisture curing, polyurethane adhesive and sealant. It can be used to bond and seal a wide range of materials creating a tough elastic seal that can dampen vibrations. This makes it suitable for simple applications such as bathroom maintenance as well as more complex industrial scale projects.

Many building materials including concrete, wood, metals, GRP (also known as fibreglass) and rubbers can be bonded using Bond It PU18. It is also suitable for fixing wooden floors. This makes it one of the most versatile general adhesives around with such a wide range of uses in so many industries. Bond It PU18 comes with a shore A hardness of 40 and is also oil resistant – perfect for all sorts of uses in the engineering industry. It is also resistant to most chemicals.

Bond It PU18 is ready to use and easy to apply. It is available in White, Black and Grey. Box Quantity 12 at 310ml size comes with a handful of nozzles for easy application.

Sikaflex EBT+

Just what you need for building and maintenance, this is a multi purpose, one part, elastic, polyurethane adhesive and sealant. It remains permanently elastic and will bond to all of the most common building materials as well as interior fixtures and fittings. Concrete, brick, mortar, wood, metals, glass, resins and plastics are all perfect for use with EBT+.

This is also ideal for situations that require both sealant and filler as it has excellent grab and gap filling properties. You can use it for all kinds of projects inside such as bonding and fixing cabinets, shower trays, mirrors, ceramics; filling and sealing internal and external cracks and gaps around window and door frames; and fixing floor joints.

As Sikaflex is weather proof and non corrosive, you can also use it outside to bond and seal flashings, roof tiles, gutters, architrave, skirting, panelling, mouldings and acoustic tiles, and form gaskets in ducting and sealing between metal components. This is perfect for all kinds of small home DIY projects but will make a big difference with just a little effort.

EBT+ is ready to use and with its fast curing rate means that your project will be secured quickly. And, with its non slip and excellent grab properties, you won’t have any trouble getting it right first time. Available in numerous standard colours including White, Black, Brown, Grey, Beige and Translucent, it will fit with any scheme unobtrusively. Box Quantity 12 at 300ml size comes with a handful of nozzles for easy application.

Conclusion on General Adhesives

All of these general adhesives are perfect for all kinds of building jobs including works outdoors as well as interior fixtures and fittings. You can buy any of them in bulk for larger jobs but many are also available as single units for small fits and fixes or adding the finishing touches.

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