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Direct Sealants Limited was established in 1997 by Michael Seber.  As is the case with most new businesses, it started on a small scale; however, it wasn’t long before expansion beckoned as a result of a reputation for competitive rates, excellent service and the use of quality materials.  Over ten years have passed since establishment yet Direct Sealants Limited continue to maintain the services provided at that same level. Direct Sealants Limited are about great service and great prices.

About Direct Sealants

Direct Sealants Limited has continued to progress in the current environment and all twenty-one of our operatives are employed directly by the company, no sub-contractors are used.  All hold valid specific C.S.C.S. and P.A.S.M.A. certification.  Certain operatives also hold I.P.A.F. certification, enabling completion of works that are required to be carried out at high levels.

Health & Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy is written by LOGIC SHE Solutions, with whom an annual agreement is in place ensuring that Direct Sealants Limited is fully aware at all times of new legislation and provided with excellent advice.  Both Method and Risk Assessment are carried out by Michael Seber, who holds the relevant C.S.M.S.C. certification.  In addition, our On-Site Supervisor, Gary Seber, holds C.S.S.S.C. certification.  In 2011, Direct Sealants Limited received C.H.A.S. accreditation, which is widely recognised within the Construction industry.

Commitment to Quality Service

Since establishment, it had been recognised that, in order to maintain the level of services supplied, some form of reward and discipline scheme needed to be put in place.  In 2006, Direct Sealants Limited implemented an in-house grading system, which is monitored closely.  All operatives are graded on a scale of 1-5, the latter being the lowest, with the lowest rate of pay.  Upon completion of works, an inspection is undertaken by our On-Site Supervisor and, dependant upon the quality of workmanship and accuracy of measurements, the relevant operative will either remain on his/her present grading, climb the grading scale or be downgraded accordingly.

Since implementation, the system has proved a great success for both operatives and the company itself, ensuring repeat business and excellent service at all times.  As a result, Direct Sealants Limited has received numerous N.H.B.C. awards along with other certification, copies of which are available for your perusal within the Certificate section of this website.

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