Sealants and Adhesives Video Guides To Help With Your Projects


Sealants and Adhesives Video Guides

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  • February 1, 2018
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Below are a list of our helpful videos on sealants and adhesives to help you with your projects…from how to remove sealants to the production process of certain products.

Up first…

How To Remove Silicone Sealant?

If you’ve been struggling to get rid of old sealant or need to remove mouldy sealant check out this quick and easy removal method using a general silicone remover tool.

Soudal Fix All X-Treme Power

Need to make it stick?

Try our Soudal X-Treme Power, a high tack adhesive that can hold up too 400kg.

Soudal Fix All – Package

The whole package?

Take a look and see what these perfectly unique sealants and adhesive’s have to offer.

Sikaflex EBT+

Need a premium quality sealant/adhesive?

This product is an extremely highly regarded tool.

Sika Pave Fix Plus – The Journey

Ever wondered about the production of award winning Sika Pave Fix Plus?

Watch this video now!

Everbuild Forever White – Break the Mould!

The sanitary sealant that takes mould all the way to round 12.

This premium product is a must have for your baths, kitchens, showers and more.

Sika Setting Sand

How to apply the small gap paving compound to get the best results.

SikaMur Damp Proofing System

A complete guide on the installation of SikaMur Damp Proofing System.

A must watch before use.

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